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mate is personal, authentic and honest. These values ​​apply to us in business and privately. We want you to feel completely comfortable with us and are happy to help you personally. Before you write us a message, please take a look at our frequently asked questions below. We have already answered many customer service inquiries here. If your question is not answered, just write to us via the chat. To do this, click on the speech bubble at the bottom right of the page.

Greetings from Damian and Mert
(founder mate)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

sonic toothbrush

What is the best way to use the mate sonic toothbrush?

1. Apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to the brush head.

2. Press the power button to select the desired brushing mode. Press once for pink light, press twice for blue light, press three times for green light.

3. Tilt your mate about 45 degrees. Position them half on the gum, half on the tooth. Start at the back of the molars on one side.

4. Now slowly guide the brush head along the rows of teeth. Always from the gums to the tooth. There is no need to make a circular cleaning movement.

5. Don't push. A light application to the gums and teeth is sufficient. Pressure damages teeth and gums.

6. Every 30 seconds, the toothbrush uses a slight vibration impulse to indicate that you should now brush the next quarter.

7. The cleaning program ends automatically after 2 minutes. Now rinse the bristles under running water. Remove toothpaste residue between the bristles by gently stroking the bristles with your thumb. Then dry the toothbrush with a cloth.

Important: Long-term contact with water and toothpaste residue can cause the charging contact underneath the toothbrush to rust. To prevent this, wipe the bottom of the toothbrush with a dry cloth after use.

How do I clean and care for the sonic toothbrush?

The mate is a high-quality sonic toothbrush. You should treat her with care to enjoy her for a long time.

The following care tips will help:

1. Rinse the bristles well after brushing your teeth. Hold them under running water and run your thumb through the bristles. This is how you remove the toothpaste that sits between the bristles.

2. Dry the sonic toothbrush with a towel after each brushing. Please make sure that the underside of the toothbrush always remains clean and dry. Because that's where the magnetic ring is, with which you charge the toothbrush in the charging station.

3. Store the mate sonic toothbrush clean and dry. Please don't just put them in a toothbrush cup. Water and toothpaste residue collect at the bottom of the cups. If the mate is left in such an environment, the charging ring may rust. Please avoid this at all costs.

How does it work with the sound waves?

The vibrations of the mate sonic toothbrush are generated in the mate handpiece and then transferred to the brush head. Physical abrasion occurs, which means that your teeth are optimally cleaned. You only need to apply very little pressure to the teeth.

How long does the battery last?

The battery is very powerful. It lasts up to 60 days - depending on the intensity of brushing. If the battery is empty, it can be fully recharged in just two hours. Ideal conditions for holiday or business trips.

Can you replace the battery?

No, unfortunately the battery in your mate cannot be replaced by yourself. For a lifetime of strong battery performance, we recommend the mate Care & Repair subscription.

How do I charge the mate sonic toothbrush?

The sonic toothbrush comes with a charging station with a magnetic connector. The mate sonic toothbrush can simply be placed in the charging station. The battery is charged via the magnetic connector.

The charging station is connected to a socket. Important: A socket adapter for the USB-A charging cable is not included. You can use any conventional adapter that connects USB-A to a power outlet. For example Apple iPhone charging cable adapter.

My sonic toothbrush won't charge. What to do?

You put the mate in the charging station and it doesn't charge?

There can of course be several reasons for this. A common cause is the position of the sonic toothbrush in the station.

1. Make sure that the toothbrush is standing straight in the station. Then the light of the illuminated ring should also light up.

2. Clean the magnetic charging ring on the bottom of your sonic toothbrush and dry it with a towel.

3. Clean the inside of the charging station. The contacts should be free of dirt so that they can transfer the voltage. Please be careful when doing this - with a handkerchief, for example.

If the toothbrush still does not charge, please contact us at

What is the difference to other sonic toothbrushes?

The mate sonic toothbrush is characterized above all by its slim, minimalist design. This sets it apart visually from conventional sonic toothbrushes.

On the other hand, the mate does not use plastic for the housing. Aluminum is used instead. This makes them significantly higher quality and ensures a pleasant feel.

A major advantage of the mate is its outstanding battery life. It is fully charged in just 2 hours. The battery then lasts up to 60 days! Many other sonic and electric toothbrushes need to be charged for 12 hours or more.

When should I change the brush head?

We recommend changing the brush head every two to a maximum of three months. This makes sense from a purely hygienic point of view. So you always brush with a fresh toothbrush.

Wie lange ist die Garantie auf das Gerät?

Es gilt das in der EU geltende gesetzliche Mängelhaftungsrecht von zwei Jahren. Weitere Informationen findest Du auch in unseren AGB.

Welche Maße haben Schallzahnbürste und Borsten?

  • Die mate Schallzahnbürste ist mit aufgestecktem Bürstenkopf 21 cm lang.
  • Der Griff hat einen Durchmesser von 1,4 cm.
  • Länge des Borstenfelds: 2,4 cm lang
  • Breite des Borstenfelds: 0,9 cm
  • Höhe der Borsten: 1,1 cm

Wie sind die Maße des Reiseetuis?

Das Reiseetui ist 22cm lang und hat einen Durchmesser von 2,3cm.

Wie viele Schallwellen überträgt die mate?

Die mate überträgt bis zu 40.000 Schallwellen pro Minute.

brush heads

How often should I replace the interchangeable head?

We recommend replacing the replaceable head every three months. The reason: the bristles wear out over time and bacteria build up in the brush head. This is the case with every toothbrush. You can prevent this if you change in good time.

How do the different interchangeable heads differ?

mate offers two different interchangeable head models.

1. With soft bristles.
Perfect for everyone. Slightly yielding to protect teeth and gums.

2. The very soft nano bristles.
cooperation with nano. The toothbrush.. Very gentle cleaning. Especially good for sensitive gums.

Sind die Bürstenköpfe im stationären Handel erhältlich oder nur online?

Die Bürstenköpfe sind wie alle mate Artikel derzeit ausschließlich online auf erhältlich.


How long does it take for the order to get to me?

We pack and ship orders within 1 business day. Shipping with DHL usually takes 1-2 working days. In most cases, your order will be with you within 2-3 working days.

How can I track my delivery?

As soon as we have handed over your order to DHL, you will receive a shipping confirmation by email. It contains a link to track the shipment.

Important: If you only order interchangeable heads, you will not receive a link to track the shipment. We send interchangeable heads as a letter, as they fit in every mailbox.

Which countries do you deliver to?

So far we only deliver within Germany.

How much is the shipping?

Shipping is free for you from an order value of 100 EUR.

Below an order value of EUR 100, we charge a shipping fee of EUR 4.99.

Do you also deliver to packing stations?

Yes, we deliver by parcel post with DHL and therefore also to DHL Packstations. Please make sure to include a valid branch number.

I received an incorrect delivery.

Oh no, we're sorry. We probably made a mistake when packing. We will find an uncomplicated solution. Please contact our customer service at with your order number

Gibt es die mate im stationären Einzelhandel?

Nein, bisher gibt es die mate Schallzahnbürsten und die Wechselköpfe ausschließlich im mate Onlineshop unter

Muss ich mit Zollgebühren rechnen?

Wir haben unseren Sitz und unser Warenlager in Deutschland und verschicken alle Bestellungen aus Deutschland heraus. Sofern die Lieferung in ein Nicht-EU-Ausland erfolgt, können weitere Zölle, Steuern oder Gebühren vom Kunden zu zahlen sein. Diese zahlt der Kunde jedoch nicht an uns als Verkäufer, sondern an die dort zuständigen Zoll- bzw. Steuerbehörden. Solltest Du also zum Bespiel aus der Schweiz bestellen, empfehlen wir Dir, die Einzelheiten vor der Bestellung bei den Zoll- bzw. Steuerbehörden zu erfragen.


How can I return my order?

Would you like to return an item? No problem. Click on "Return" in the menu at the bottom of the page and create a return label quickly and easily.

Can I exchange my order?

Sure, of course. Simply contact our customer service at

How much does the return cost?

The return is on us. You don't have to pay anything for it.

mate Care & Repair subscription

How much does the mate Care & Repair subscription cost?

You get full protection for your sonic toothbrush for EUR 4.90 per month.

What is the minimum contract period?

The minimum contract term is one month.

When can I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. The termination takes place at the end of the current contract month.

How can I cancel?

You can view your subscription at any time in your customer profile and cancel it there. Click here to sign up or register.

Can I take out the "mate Care & Repair" subscription later?

The “mate Care & Repair” product is a subscription that can only be purchased together with a mate sonic toothbrush. A subsequent purchase is not possible.

Can I really get a new toothbrush whenever I want?

Nearly. You always get a new toothbrush if it is broken. To avoid abuse, you are entitled to two changes a year.

Where can I find the complete terms and conditions of the subscription?

Click here for the mate Care & Repair conditions .

Savings Subscription

What is the mate savings subscription and what do I need it for?

By taking out a savings subscription, you will receive your mate interchangeable heads at the selected delivery rhythm. You no longer have to order manually. You choose the rhythm yourself.

The subscription makes your life easier. :) For example, you no longer have to think about changing your toothbrush regularly or ordering new toothbrushes. They simply come to your home in the selected delivery rhythm.

Is there a minimum contract term and how can I manage or cancel my subscription?

There is no minimum contract period. You can manage and cancel your subscription independently at any time in your profile. To the profile login or registration.

Can I save money with the subscription?

We honor your loyalty! If you decide on a subscription model with mate, you save compared to the individual order.

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