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Zoom mate schallzahnbürste aufsteck-wechselkopf härtegrad superweich kooperation mit nano die zahnbürste verpackung bild copyright: mate
Zoom mate schallzahnbürste aufsteck-wechselkopf härtegrad superweich kooperation mit nano die zahnbürste bild copyright: mate
Customers with sensitive gums love this brush head.

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3 interchangeable heads nano bristles


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Perfect for sensitive gums

High quality from DuPont™

Gentle cleaning due to rounded bristles

High-deep relief for effective interdental cleaning


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3 interchangeable heads nano bristles


Included in the delivery

3x attachment brush heads with hardness grade "super-soft". Suitable for mate sonic toothbrushes.

Info about the saver subscription

What is the mate savings subscription and what do I need it for?

By taking out a savings subscription, you will receive your mate exchange heads at the selected delivery frequency. You no longer have to order manually. You choose the rhythm yourself.

The subscription makes your life easier. :) For example, you no longer have to remember to change your toothbrush regularly or to order new toothbrushes. They simply come in the selected delivery rhythm conveniently to your home.

Can I save money by subscribing?

We honor your loyalty! If you choose a subscription model at mate, you save money compared to a single order.

Is there a minimum subscription period and how can I manage or cancel my subscription?

There is no minimum contract period. You can manage and cancel your subscription at any time in your profile. To the profile login or registration.

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nano what?

nano. The toothbrush. has launched a manual toothbrush with 20,000 soft bristles. We think that's super. Because the soft bristles are perfect for people with sensitive gums. Our nano brush head is not exactly like the one from the original. The head was redesigned from scratch for the mate sonic toothbrush. The bristles are super soft. They provide gentle and effective cleaning.

Customers rely on nano for

✅ Sensitive necks of teeth

✅ Bleeding gums (e.g. during pregnancy)

✅ After operations in the mouth area

✅ Gum inflammation (gingivitis, periodontitis)

✅ Tooth enamel loss


The bristles of your toothbrush often wear out quickly. They become dull and collect bacteria. That's why we attach great importance to the quality of our bristles. Every mate sonic toothbrush is equipped with rounded premium bristles from the renowned manufacturer DuPont™. For a long bristle life.

Hard or soft?

The key question with the bristles: Do you like it hard or soft? It doesn't matter to us. We know how individual brushing is. Each of us has different preferences. That's why the mate sonic toothbrush is available with medium-hard bristles (standard on the sonic toothbrush) and very soft bristles (in cooperation with nano. The toothbrush.).

Fresh brush by subscription

With the saver subscription, you never have to think about changing your brushes in time again. Dentists recommend changing the brush every two to three months. This is because bacteria collect between the bristles over time and the bristles become blunt. It is therefore important to replace the exchange head regularly.


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