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How to use the mate sonic toothbrush

  1. Apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to the brush head. Then hold it briefly under the tap and moisten the bristles with toothpaste.
  2. Press the power button to select the desired brushing mode. Press once for pink light, press twice for blue light, press three times for green light.
  3. Start with the first quarter of your mouth. Place the brush head on your teeth, being careful not to apply excessive pressure. Move the brush head in a circular motion, focusing on one tooth at a time.
  4. Every 30 seconds, the toothbrush indicates with a slight vibration impulse that you should now brush the next quarter of your mouth.
  5. After brushing all four quarters of your mouth, rinse the brush head under running water. Remove toothpaste residue between the bristles by gently stroking the bristles with your thumb. Then dry the toothbrush with a dry, clean cloth.

Note: Long-term contact with toothpaste residue can cause the charging contact underneath the toothbrush to rust. To prevent this, wipe both the bottom of the toothbrush and the inside of the toothbrush charging base with a dry cloth after use.

This means the LED display of your mate sonic toothbrush

pink light

Default. Basic oral cleaning. Suitable for most users.

Blue light

deep cleaning. Increased power for optimal cleaning performance.

Green light

Polishing. Pulsating Frequencies. Ideal for removing stubborn residue.

Steady red light

The battery is low and needs to be charged.

Flashing red light

The battery is charging.

Steady green light

The battery is fully charged (after approx. 2 hours).


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